Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

I often have this complex where I feel like I’m doing good things, but I question whether I’m a good person. We all have character flaws, we all have certain downfalls and nobody is perfect – fact. However, how can we work towards becoming the best possible versions of ourselves?


The first step is to understand yourself. I tend to write down my strengths and weaknesses and see how I can work on improving my weaknesses. One of my greatest weaknesses is the fact that I’m very stubborn (honestly) and I like doing things how I want them done. This can have serious detrimental effects when I’m working in a team, when I need to listen to advice and when I need to accept that even though I may not like something, it is what it is.

In order to eradicate that weakness, I’ve started listening more, seeking advice and accepting what I need to accept. For example, I found myself complaining a lot about how certain modules were taught in university and making myself believe that it wasn’t to my benefit just because I may have not liked what was being said to me. But the truth is, where am I really heading in life if I don’t accept that certain things just have to be tolerated? By accepting my stubborn ways as a weakness, I’ve been able to work against it and honestly, I feel so much better.


The second step to becoming the best version of yourself is education. By education, I certainly do not mean systematic education where you sit in a classroom and be lectured. I’m talking about traveling, reading, watching documentaries, keeping up a healthy lifestyle, exploring your local and international communities and becoming cultured. I had the tendency to sit around at home when I didn’t have anywhere to go, but this year I’ve told myself that enough is honestly enough! I’m going to start going to galleries more, yoga classes, Church, exhibitions etc. Sitting around at home and lounging will never help you to become the best version of yourself!

The final step is to understand that being kind goes a long way. Simple acts of kindness can honestly and truly make such a difference not only to others but to how you feel inside. If a homeless person asks you for money and says they’re hungry, take them to get some food if you’ve got the time. If a friend asks for help, do what you can to help. Try and greet people when you see them – whether its your neighbor, a lecturer or whoever it may be – you never know what another person is going through and a random act of kindness can always make their day and yours!


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