Lagos, My First Love

Do you ever get that feeling in a particular environment where you’re honestly at so much peace with yourself? Even when there are problems around you and problems involving you, you tend to have little or no anxiety because of where you are?

My state of mind is always at its best when I’m home in Lagos, Nigeria. Many people can’t understand why – with all the traffic, security issues and slow service literally everywhere, how can I possibly feel at so much rest? I wish I could explain, but honestly I can’t. The bubbly nature of the city, the warmth of the people, the aesthetics in the culture – everything. Lagos is certainly my first love.


I’m moving back permanently in April and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. There are several other places where I’ve felt at peace, but nothing compares to Lagos. Two of those places are Barbados and Cape Town -ugh, take me back!! I didn’t realize how polluted London is until I spent ten days in Cape Town and I understood what fresh air actually is! Standing on Table Mountain and overlooking the city was a moment of so much peace and serenity. Barbados on the other hand – the beaches, the lifestyle and playing netball in a different country brought me so much joy!

FullSizeRender (3)

I think it’s important to know places that fill you with peace and spend as much time as you can there, when you can. We often get tied up in our daily lives and we stop looking after ourselves as well as we should. Moving back to Lagos was more than just me wanting to be home, it was more to do with me wanting to be at peace. I know it’s going to be stressful, I know I’m finally entering the full time working world, but honestly – I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Where are you when you feel at peace? Comment below so I can add it to my travel wish-list!

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  1. I haven’t left the shores of Nigeria before but i find that am at peace most when i am in calabar here in Nigeria. Maybe sometime soon il find my next location

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