October Looks

Hey everyone!

October has DEFOS been my busiest month so far this year! I’ve been wholly focused on work and putting in my full efforts and I must say, I’m starting to see the benefits so thank you God.

I teamed up with Kitan this month and she is officially the dopest stylist I could possibly work with. If you know me you know that my style is often quite casual as I enjoy comfort so even when I’m dressing up, I always like to give my outfit an alté vibe! So here are a couple pictures of my favorite looks from this month – some outfits were styled by me but the majority were Kitan’s handywork!

7EC29C2E-4E31-4D3D-8B6C-57F327AAE4C49DCBF047-F88B-4577-B3AD-52F9EB73AA919E68C5F1-357B-4887-AD7F-F6749FA1624321DF0FE3-5288-45B4-851A-194ECC7F4DDAFullSizeRender (16)IMG_0085IMG_0109IMG_0155IMG_0209IMG_0463IMG_0518IMG_0640

(Styled by @kiitaann)

So YES I achieved most of the looks that I wanted this month! There’s so much to come in November so stay tuned xxx

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