Hey everyone!

How’s your weekend going? Get up to much?

I’ve been extremely busy for the past few weeks and a huge reason for that is certainly On the Couch with Falz and Laila. It’s been such an experience, overwhelming too, but definitely the greatest thing that’s happened since I started my career in April 2017. I spoke about the experience more on Buzzfeed, but here’s a little bit more.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 12.18.00 PM


A few months ago, Falz and I paid a visit to an aspiring presidential candidate as we’re both very politically inclined and when we heard that he was running, we wanted to ask him a few questions. We ended up speaking to him for hours, after which, Falz had a lightbulb moment and said we should continue this for as many aspirants as possible. We started reaching out to aspirants and shooting episodes of On the Couch with the following aims:

  1. Get the youth more passionate about civic engagement
  2. Understand the values of candidates aspiring for presidency
  3. Normalize political discussions to encourage their inclusion in society

When it comes to political engagements, we always expect the most formal settings which quite frankly, aren’t necessarily the most attractive for young people. Falz and I are extremely aware of this and wanted to normalize politics as much as possible to ensure that we reach our target audience. Its a very very “relaxed stuvzzz” which makes both the guest and the audience more comfortable with the discussion. With 110 million Nigerians aged 30 and under, as cliche as it sounds, the youth of today are the future of tomorrow. Unfortunately not enough young people are speaking about politics based on years of systemic exclusion of the youth from Nigeria’s polity. We want that narrative to change and so far, it’s working!

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 12.18.58 PM

Another aim of the show is to ask questions that people can’t necessarily always find out about aspirants online. This is where things get rather “interrogative” as it touches directly on the values of candidates and their outlook on life. Personally, I believe that this is extremely important as it’s often something thats ignored when it comes to presidential discussions in Nigeria and it shouldn’t be. The people deserve to know what certain aspirants stand for and against.

So far there are three episodes available of On the Couch with Falz and Laila and we plan on releasing about twelve episodes this season, with a new episode coming out every Friday evening. We’ll most likely have a second season of On the Couch, but it may just be something completely different and unexpected. Either way, co-hosting with Falz is the best experience and I’m glad to see several young people engaged in political discussions through the show. Thank you to everyone that’s given us feedback whether positive, constructive or negative! All feedback matters so keep it coming.



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