Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!

From the age of fifteen, I started to understand where my passion lies and what I want to achieve in life. I decided to start building myself into a brand and live my life through my passion for development and media. Not long after, I was presented with a Nigerian Youth Ambassador award and I realized that I had a service to give back to my country. I started off with a website called ‘L Affairs’ which was based around empowering youths through their personal interests. From lifestyle to politics, L Affairs grew, but I realized that I needed to condense the idea and build the many ideas up individually. I started off by founding a Nigerian youth organization called ‘Our Vision NG‘, which has grown tremendously in the past two years. I was then able to understand my passion better and I decided to pursue a degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster.

Having settled in, I started a social enterprise called the We Rise Initiative, which empowers women and girls to rise above the oppression of the 21st century and the stigmatization of feminism. I also co-started a public relations company, which is a twenty-first century innovation, helping brands to improve their image on social media. In the last six months, I have seen rapid self-growth and international recognition. I have been given the opportunity to speak publicly at several events across the UK about topics ranging from domestic violence to leadership lessons for global citizens. I have also become an Ambassador for the worldwide organization, Girl Rising.

Having accomplished so much at a young age, I decided that it was time to create a personal blog where I can share my thoughts and ideas, while also keeping you updated on my growth and my journey through life. Thank you to those who have supported my dreams so far and I hope that we can continue on this journey towards a better world together!

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