21st Century Women – Can We Have It All?

I refuse to wait till the final paragraph of this post to answer the question because YES we can have it “all”. I say all in quotations because what exactly do we mean by all?


Well to break it down to social media today, which is often the prime generator of this discussion, “all” often means a job and a family. I was on Twitter the other day and I saw this absolutely unfortunate statement(s):


It is not “the sad truth”, actually. I know several women who work rigorously, yet they are amazing wives and mothers to their children. Life is all about balance and choices, and we can use Michelle Obama as an example. I’m not even referring solely to the Michelle Obama that we knew as First Lady, but also the Michelle that existed before the People’s House. She was a working mother, a loving wife and Ex-President Obama has been able to vouch for that endlessly for the years that they’ve been in the spotlight.

I’m someone who plans on having a great family and also a successful career and I’m sure many of you can relate to this. The twenty-first century is an era of self-growth, productivity, livelihood and most importantly liberation. Until now, we haven’t had the liberation that we have today – a hundred years ago, we couldn’t join the army, we couldn’t even vote! Although we still face multiple barriers across the globe today and as women, we are stuck in the intersectional system of oppression, many of us have the opportunity to maximise our potential, not only for us but for other women who are severely oppressed.

I love social media, but my goodness, the tweets that I see do make me wonder! Never let anyone tell you that you can’t have it all. You can be a successful career woman, you can be a supporting wife and a loving mother – life is simply what you make of it given your opportunities and your circumstances.

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