The 52 Lists Project

I’ve never really known how to plan my year. How to ensure that I work towards achieving all goals that I believe I can, how to make sure multi-tasking doesn’t get the better of me and how to remind myself about the positive things in life to keep myself going. Last week was a pretty rough week for me, but a friend of mine showed me something that might just be the turning point for me – the 52 lists project.


The 52 Lists Project is a book available online that targets a particular aspect of your life every week of the year. From listing your goals and dreams for the year to the things you treasure most to what makes you feel powerful, this book is a reminder of yourself.

I’m definitely buying it tomorrow (bank account looks prettier on the first day of the month) and it might help you too! Its available on Amazon and probably a few other online stores but try it out if you please and let me know if it works for you. As I’m a bit late I’ve missed the first four lists of the year so I’ll have to catch up – but its always better late than never right?

I’ll add to this post once I start to keep you updated on how it’s going for me! x



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