What Do You Want To Do With Your Life Other Than Exist?


I think about this quite a lot. What do I actually want to do with my life? I mean, I’m here on this crazy planet full of cruelty, danger, bad and also a lot of happiness – where do I fit in? The next five points often ease my mind when I question myself:

1) Don’t waste opportunities

2) The future will always remain unknown

3) Grow within your passion, don’t see it as “just a passion”

4) Listen to advice, but more importantly listen to yourself

5) Don’t hide from the University of Life – travel, experience, love, make mistakes… LEARN


There’s so much that I want to do – I want to travel, I want a family, I want to be successful but more importantly I want to change the world and create a ripple effect that will live on past me. My passion for sustainable development will never die, but there is so much that I can do within that field. Coming from a home where going to university was a MUST, even a masters is seen as a must, it was often hard for me to turn a blind eye to every instruction I was given and focus on me. But I’m at a point in my life now where I’m nearly done with university and I can be in control of myself. So what am I going to do to ensure that I don’t just “exist”?

Firstly, I’ve secured a great job for myself in the entertainment industry. I’m so passionate about media, in a way I wish I studied it, so this is my opportunity to experience a field I’ve always wanted to experience (not wasting the opportunity). A lot of people have been skeptical saying “Laila but don’t you want to work in the UN? Don’t you want to go in to politics?” – I do, eventually, but the future will always remain unknown. That doesn’t mean I’m turning a blind eye to my passion for sustainable development, I think there’s so much talent in Nigeria and if I can contribute to putting our entertainment industry on the global map, I definitely will  grow within my passion for sustainable development and progress our entertainment industry. However, as this is a very new field to me, I have to be able to listen to advice and be a follower in order to become a leader. Most importantly, this is another chapter in the University of Life – i’m going to experience, travel, make mistakes and LEARN – that way I wont just exist, I’ll ensure that I live my life to the fullest.


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