The Future Is Female S01E09: Lolade Adamson

Lola Adamson aka Lowla360 aka my mama is honestly just everything and more. I had met Lola a few times over the years through a family friend, but we only really got to know each other during summer 2016 while DJ Obi was breaking the World Record for the longest DJ set. Her drive, her work ethic and her passion for Public Relations made me think so much of her and she has been so helpful to me since then. From helping me to get a full time job to advising me when needed to supporting my goals and dreams, she’s an angel. Here’s episode 9!


(LJS) Hey mama! How are you?

(LA) Hi darling! I’m great and you?

(LJS) I’m good thanks! What does being a 21st century woman mean to you?

(LA) To me, this means accepting change. Change in the way we live now compared to how our parents and grandparents lived. Change in knowing and accepting that there is a place for women at the top of the chain. Change in knowing and believing you can achieve what you have set your mind on. Change in knowing that first you are human before your gender or the color of your skin. A 21st century woman accepts these changes, she wants these changes and will want it for every woman in the world.

(LJS) It’s honestly all about change. What barriers have you faced as a woman today?

(LA) To be honest, I can’t say I have faced that much, I am lucky to have the father I have. He raised me to always be myself, to not let any man take me for granted. He told me as a child to study hard, to be book and street smart and to not let any man push me around or be bold enough to say he made me because I am my own person. I have always been a bit stubborn so I never let anyone push me around. I played with boys a lot in school, in fact in Uni I was what most people called a tomboy, Lol. I played the same sports as guys in secondary school, in fact I played with the boys. I have always been bold and when I see an attack coming my way, I push/fight back. I guess what I have faced is more in the regard of men trying to get in my pants for one reason or the other, some men have this notion that once you know a lot of guys then you are considered a loose girl but I never let that get to me, some thought I would never get far in my career unless I slept with them. I am where I am today because I worked hard and I got recognized for that hard work.

(LJS) That’s great! Having a father that pushes you to be everything and more as a woman is such a blessing. Men like your dad are rare but it is so encouraging to know that he has your back 100! Do you recognize yourself as a feminist? If so, what type of feminist are you?

(LA) Lol. I am a woman, so I am a feminist. It’s just so sad that people read between the lines of this word and look at it as women who are fighting for equal rights on “everything” with men. I believe that we are not meant to be equals with men, we are greater than them on some levels and vice versa. No one shares the same DNA in this world, lets start from there, so therefore, women can’t be equals on all levels with men. It is even explained in the Bible.


We also need to understand that there are many cultures in the world and they must all be respected, however, there is change arising in these cultures. My husband will be the head of the family, I will not try to be his equal on that level, I will be the neck holding the body of the house together, I don’t expect him to turn the house into a home or be in the kitchen all the time. This does not mean my husband will not help me out in doing certain chores when I cant, it doesn’t mean he will leave me to change the baby diapers all the time and it doesn’t mean I can not help out with certain finances in the house. I am not his slave, I am his wife. He is not my bank, he is my husband. We will always help each other out but there has to be a balance, this balance is what people fail to recognize in life and it is what is taken for granted the most. However, people (both men and women) tend to look at women as say oh because she is a woman that means she can not handle certain situations that we very well can. We need to find the balance and end the confusion most people face when this word is brought up.

(LJS) Very thought provoking. When did you first recognize the fact that gender inequality exists?

(LA) I honestly can’t really say when or what age, I kind of figured out as I grew older that there was something wrong with the world and the way we live. Why can’t I do something because I am a woman, why am I regarded as unclean and unfit when I am on my period? Why is it the woman’s fault when her husband steps outside to cheat? Why is it the woman’s fault when she gets raped? Why does the man get praised the most when the child turns out to be a successful person in life and not the mother? Why does the word “you have to take care of your kids” come up when I expect a promotion in the work place? Why won’t people accept that women are the best multitaskers in the world?  So many why’s and no answers.

(LJS) I couldn’t agree more.There are so many questions that I have too – I honestly just cant wrap my head around this system of oppression that we live in. When you’re faced with barriers because of your gender, how do you overcome them?

(LA) I fight back because if I don’t no one will do it for me. I am trying to park my car and the guard thinks because I am a woman, I can’t handle parallel parking. I can’t even use my professional life as an example here because at this point, I believe everyone knows not to mess with me. Lol. But most of all I pray, I pray to never face difficulties that I can not handle in every aspect of my life.

(LJS) I do believe that prayer is key. What is your greatest achievement so far?

(LA) That’s a no brainer, it is my relationship with God. I have grown these past few years and I am maturing into a wonderful woman I never thought I would become and I owe it all to God, He picked me up and made me a better person. I say I am maturing because I am not yet there, it is a life journey and I will continue to work on my relationship with God and myself till the day I die. I have learnt so much from the scripture that I handle things differently from the way I would have 2 years ago, I stay away from certain conversations and I avoid being in company of certain people because I do not want to put my mind in a place where it’s not meant to be. The Bible really does teach you how to live life and how to make choices.

(LJS) That’s beautiful. What does “The Future Is Female” mean to you?

(LA) We will not be pushed around any longer. We will learn to support and empower each other. We matter on all grounds because we are humans, just like men.

Lola Adamson is a publicist, brand/talent manager and event producer. She is the CEO of Lowla360, a management and PR firm and through this, she has managed artists such as M.I and DJ Cuppy. She is also the General Manager in Africa for the well-known RocNation with a burning passion for art, design, style and music. 

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