The Broken Record Podcast is Back!

Hey everyone! It’s the final month of what’s possibly been the toughest year most of us have had to live through. Sometimes it feels like i’m in a daze, we’re really living through a pandemic, the global economy has been crushed and life as we know it has transformed into a “new normal” that we have to adapt to. But we’re here and we’re alive, with so much to be grateful for! I celebrated my birthday this week, so I’m feeling extra grateful for another year of life. Another year as a small pebble with an opportunity to create large positive ripple effects.

Shot by @leelybex, Edited by @thefifographer

The pandemic hit Nigeria just as I started recording the second season in February. Lockdowns started and Midas Radio had to close down the podcast studio to adhere with Covid-19 protocols. “A couple weeks and this’ll blow over”, I thought, but I was so wrong. We were set back for several months and yes, I could’ve recorded from home, but asides the logistical problems, we’re sound perfectionists within the Broken Record team so we waited it out and brought you Live With Laila in the mean time!

Now that was fun – a 6 episode series of conversations on Instagram Live with great people doing great things. From Temi Otedola speaking to us about her transition into acting, to Dayo Okeniyi on his latest movie which he bagged the lead role for, to Vanessa Hong on fashion and wellness. I hope you enjoyed the lockdown content that we brought your way because I had so much fun speaking to everyone!

Anyway anyway anyway, as soon as things eased up, we were straight back to work and over the past few months I’ve been recording timeless conversations with great people for a second season of The Broken Record Podcast! So welcome back! Episode 0 is out now (a quick introduction to the new season) and starting on Thursday we’ll be back with episodes every week for the next twelve weeks!

Designed by Kaz Johnson-Salami

So what can you expect from a second season? You can definitely expect to laugh A LOT! Trust me on that. You’re also going to become more informed on topics and industries that you may not necessarily look into in detail on a day to day basis. I certainly learnt a lot from my guests this season and I hope these conversations have a positive effect on you, as they have on me.

Laila Johnson-Salami, Season 2 Episode 0

The Broken Record Podcast is available on all platforms! Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud and Stitcher. Listen now and set your Thursday reminders! Don’t forget to also follow us on social media @thebrokenrecpod!

Welcome back listeners, I’ve missed you.

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