Saving Pangolins from the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Pangolins are scaled mammals found in forests in Africa and Asia, that have become increasingly well known in recent years. Primarily because they’ve become the most trafficked mammals in the world, but also because they are now being connected to the outbreak of Covid-19.

According to the African Pangolin Working Group, Nigerian ports are responsible for the export of about 70% of pangolins poached from Africa and as recently as March 26th 2021, four thousand kilograms of pangolin scales worth over three billion Naira ($6.3 million) were seized in Cameroon close to the border of Nigeria.

In this report for Arise News, I find out more about efforts to save the endangered mammals from the illegal wildlife trade.

Produced and reported by me. Shot and edited by Ayo Adekoya.

Thank you to Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Initiative, St Marks Animal Hospital and Shelter and Lufasi Park. Please support and donate to these organisations who are doing everything they can to protect wildlife.

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