The Future Is Female S01E01: Feyikemi Akin-Bankole

The Future Is Female – a phrase we often hear but we all have different interpretations of. I’ve decided to explore what this means to different women from different backgrounds through a series of interviews! So here’s the first one with the beautiful Feyikemi Akin-Bankole!


(LJS) Hey FK! Thank you for agreeing to this interview! The questions are rather straight forward but i’d like it if you can share your view on what I’m asking. 

(FAB) Hey Laila! No problem at all! Alright let’s get started!

(LJS) What does being a 21st century woman mean to you?

(FAB) To me, being a 21st century woman is rising above the norm and taking charge of what you believe is yours. I believe it’s just showing that we are all important, we are all courageous, we are all beautiful and strong, and nothing (and I mean NOTHING) is impossible.

(LJS) I agree with you. Nothing is impossible at all. What barriers have you faced as a woman today?

(FAB) I haven’t faced any barriers as a woman, thankfully. However, there are several women who have and I do speak up on the issues that they face, hoping to enact change in one way or another.

(LJS) Okay, thats great. Do you recognize yourself as a feminist? If so, what type of feminist are you?

(FAB) I recognize myself as a Black Feminist.

(LJS) That plays a huge role in intersectionality. Black women are often stuck in an unfortunate system of oppression that we need to pull apart. When did you first recognize the fact that gender inequality exists?

(FAB) Thinking about it now, I noticed gender inequality when I was quite young (primary school) but I never really thought about it as anything. I always thought of it as normal. But as I grew older, my parents kept telling me I must be an independent and strong woman.

(LJS) When you’re faced with barriers because of your gender, how do you overcome them?

(FAB) I really don’t think I’ve faced any barriers due to my gender (and I hope I never) but if I do, my aim would be to rise above the shallowness and ignorance, and prove to the person that I am more than what they think of me.

(LJS) I hope you never face barriers due to your gender too. I was re-watching ‘The People vs OJ’ yesterday and all I could think about was the treatment that Marcia kept on getting because of her gender as a woman in a powerful position. But anyway, what is your greatest achievement so far?

(FAB) Women in powerful positions are often seen as a threat which leads to mistreatment and constant undermining. Its a huge issue. So far, I’m proud to have made it into my highly competitive university and to be one of the very few black female radio presenters at my university. I’m also running for Vice President of one of the societies there (fingers crossed!!).

(LJS) Wow! A huge congratulations!! Keep it up, honestly. So to round up, what does “The Future Is Female” mean to you?


(FAB) “The Future Is Female” is what it is. The future is female and you better get yourself ready because we’re coming and we’re coming with the full force. You are either with us or against us.

(LJS) Boom. Drops mic! Couldn’t have said it better! Thank you so much for this FK! 

(FAB) Anytime!

Feyikemi is an eighteen year old Nigerian studying International Management at the University of Warwick. She is extremely passionate about her country and her youth with major goals in life. Firstly, Feyikemi would like to launch a project that will benefit young Nigerians who do not have the privileges and opportunities that she has. Secondly, she aspires to become the Minister of Youth Development in the Federal Republic of Nigeria one day.


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